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What to look for when buying a new home.

The concept of buying or investing in a home has changed drastically over the years and now with the whole COVID-19 situation, we are sure it has shifted further. Till a few decades ago, all people desired was to purchase a plot of land and go on to build their home, depending on the space and other factors. But today, people are quite keen on purchasing nothing short of a luxurious apartment or condo that gives them breathtaking views, while being a gated community with all possible amenities and conveniences. Infact, going a step further, the decision to make the purchase decision depends on the kind of amenities available within the property. 

For a first time home buyer it can get overwhelming, considering they are likely to have a long list of demands and ofcourse suggestions/advice that pour in from well wishers all around.  While most gated communities will feature a swimming pool or special gaming area, which are rarely used by the residents but do factor in the maintenance charge, we offer you just what you need, what is important and what our residents will value.

Our properties come fitted with all these essentials, 

  • Top notch security 

A 24/7 professional security service complete with CCTV cameras fitted across the property for constant surveillance. This is a big advantage and a mandate these days in all apartments and gated complexes as well. It ensures that your complex is safe and secure.

  • Uninterrupted Water Supply  

With Chennai summers and the water situation being what it is considering there has barely been much rain, having uninterrupted water supply is a basic necessity, and one you assured of.If not for regular supply, it is good to have alternative arrangements factored in.  

  • Power Backup    

Being in a city that is prone to power cuts, it is absolutely essential to have power backup. The property should have a reliable power back up source and your condo/apartment fitted with an automatic switch over 

  • Gym, Recreation center& Club house 

Given the fast paced life that most people lead, having a dedicated work out space within the complex. This way, residents can get their daily work out, and not go looking for a fitness center in the neighborhood.  With the recreation center, it is the perfect place for the kids or other members of the family to spend a few hours in over games, or books.  And then ofcourse there needs to be a club house where residents can host parties and get-togethers, or events, talks and so on. The fee for utilizing these services is typically included in the maintenance fee. 

  • Well-designed Landscape garden/open space

Living in the concrete jungle, the beauty of open spaces is what helps us breathe and unwind. Go for a short walk around the place, or relax on one of the benches, catching up with friends is what brings joy to people who live in apartment complexes. The greenery, colorful plants and seating options have become a norm at most gated communities. 

  • Proximity to schools, hospitals and supermarkets 

Dealing with traffic and spending endless hours commuting to work is no fun. Therefore, when you pick a property to invest in, ensure it is within easy access to your place of work. Similarly, check the neighborhood for hospitals, supermarkets and other necessities that you frequent.   If there are children or elderly in the family, the need to make sure these amenities are available is crucial and part of the decision process. 

For those who have already begun their hunt for the perfect house, do explore the various luxury properties available at Atikramya, there are properties ranging from condos, villas, to apartments within and in the outskirts of the city. If you prefer living within city limits, check out Abode in Kellys, which is cozy and smart, or maybe Meraki in the heart of the city, Mylapore. Or if you wish to invest in a home away from the city, then Senzai in Maduravoyil is the one for you. You can be assured, at Atikramya, there is something for everyone.

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Atikramya is a support system for all our clients and end customers as an architectural studio and a construction company. It is a community, which attracts all members on one common platform and gives them a reason to rejoice. The embellishment, the detailing, the finishing touch, everything we do is so impeccably grounded on values that the entire experience is that of unrestrained happiness and unadulterated peace. It is an elemental coexistence of the highest human capacity.


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