Stylist Modern Study


Life is made by 'Layers of Trust', colored with the hues of feelings, embellished with the glory of love and cherished as a priceless heritage. At Atikramya, we will spread these layers for you seamlessly, where you come and take a meaningful pause that brings peace and joy. Inspired by the 5 elements of nature, the elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Sky are ingrained in myriad ways. They are Atikramya's body, soul, and surroundings. Atikramya with all its insightfulness and intuition is set to capture the sense and essence of the elements in the lifestyle.

Modern Interior


Atikramya is a support system for all our clients and end customers as an architectural studio and a construction company. It is a community, which attracts all members on one common platform and gives them a reason to rejoice. The embellishment, the detailing, the finishing touch, everything we do is so impeccably grounded on values that the entire experience is that of unrestrained happiness and unadulterated peace. It is an elemental coexistence of the highest human capacity.


To become a seamless spatial institution that echoes the beauty of being alive through the sense and essence of nature, layered through trust.


To weave 'Layers of Trust' through one of a kind spatial phenomenon for our individual clients that will echo the elements of nature through its body, soul and surrounding.