The Company

Based on strong principles of living, Atikramya captures the nature of the elements and imbibes them in different ways in its homes.



Earth assures surety, stability and strength to uplift ourselves. It is not just the ground under our feet but the support system of the existence of the whole world.


Fire glows and the whole world around it lights up with delight, clarity, energy, and vitality. The energy of fire has worked wonders for the mankind.


It is low. It is force. It is quest. It is transparency. It is flexible. It is a drizzle of joy and a downpour of passion. Pure and nourishing, water is so much more than we think it is.


It sets you free. It lets you be. The wind literally gives wind to your dreams. Lightly and gleefully, it takes you places and ills your spaces with refreshing bliss.


Man is mesmerized and intrigued by the boundless sky and what lies beyond. The sky invites man to soar higher, to explore and to revel in the glory of the universe.

Atikramya presents life-transforming homes that let you enjoy being alive. The designs and the ambience are created in a way to connect the surrounding energy and to transport it to our souls turning them into vibrant, passionate and evolved entities. The lifestyle features we offer keep the residents entertained and excited. At, Atikramya we design energy efficient homes that light up lives of those who live in it.